Angeles City Nightlife

Angeles City Nightlife

The Night Club

The Philippines 2021  is a very exciting year that promises a lot of unforgettable adventures and memorable activities that are sure to get your adrenaline rushing. Inaugurated in 2015, the Best Night Club in Angeles City, Philippines takes a special interest in nightlife in the city where we can enjoy a great time with the girls from faraway lands. The club is located within a carpark of the Hotel Del Coronado that is just a few minutes away from the PAGGC Convention Center.

The nightclub is set up in a secluded location where there are only two rooms. One room has a red-tiled floor with pink walls and a small pink TV. The second room has a huge pink screen on the wall. The place is so cute that even the girls would want to hang out in the pink room to watch her favorite shows like “Orange is the New Black”, “New Girl”, “2 Broke Girls” and “Teen Mom”. But as I said, this club is special. The venue is a high-rise building with many rooms and a covered outdoor area with tables and chairs. Outside there are several large screens where we can watch various dramas and movies that are set in Angeles City.

The club is divided into two sections; the first one is for our girls and we can talk to them face to face, where the place is safe and we have no responsibility if we get scammed or if they get scammed. The second room is for the guys that love to party. Here they can also talk to each other face to face, where the place is safer and also, they have the chance to make some money.

The best time to go to the club is in the early evening or in night. The club closes at 2 a.m. or in the early morning.

In the hotel, we can find a bar in the concierge lounge with only one bar, where we can enjoy a drink and a snack or maybe we can enjoy a mojito and a fresh coffee. If we want to have a chat with the girls or for some fun, we can enter another room to find the girls already in there.

When I enter the room, it looks like this:

I can find two girls in the room. One is already busy typing on her computer and the other one is sleeping.

We can start talking to them and to our surprise, they told us that they are from China, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. We talked with them for a long time, while they were sharing their story about life in the land of the midnight sun. They told us about their life, their situation and some sad stories from their past.

The second girl, she was a prostitute and she is from the country of the midnight sun. She told us that for her boyfriend, she has to offer him sex with money. The boyfriend told her that he only need a condom and some Viagra and that they do not need to offer any money for sex.

The girlfriend told us that since he got the Viagra, his stamina is much better. They have been together for a long time, about 3 years. She told us that their first sex was so embarrassing and humiliating for her and that it hurt a lot.

In these three years, she got a little older and more powerful than the first girl. She told us that she needs to earn money for their living and their child will be born in three months’ time. She told us that she never forget her humiliation and hurt from the first sex and she would never do it again.

The first girl told us that it is better for her and her child if she has sex with the boyfriend twice a month. She needs to earn money to provide for her child.

After they finish talking, I am already thinking about something, the fourth girl was waiting for me in the hallway. I asked her if she wanted to come in my room and talk to me. She said she will think about it and she is also from the country of the midnight sun.

When she came in my room, she invited me to follow her and say bye to the girls. I went with her and we arrived at a house where there are four rooms and two bathrooms and a table. There were some mattresses on the floor and some clothes on the clothes rack. She told me that they are also friends from school and that she was also hungry.

There were some biscuits and some cold drinks and some snacks on the table. She invited me to sit down on the table while she take her drink and some water. I did so and she took some biscuits and some biscuits-popcorn, some coffee and some tea.

The second girl was on the second bed and I could see her breasts when I looked from her bed. She told me that she is very happy now that she has a boyfriend and that it is better for her that they are dating for three years. She said that they started a business together and that they pay three months’ salary to her mother every month.

She said that her mother is very old now, that her mother made her marry my brother when she was 12. This is why the second girl does not go to school now, her mother was the one who made her marry my brother and forced her to drop out of school.

The second girl said that we are doing very well for a poor family, but the biggest thing in our house is their mother, who did not educate her child, but instead married her daughter to his son and force her to marry him. We are very happy because now we have an educated daughter and we expect her to marry well. She said that there is a man in our house and he is a man of wealth.

The second girl said that my mother thinks they are going to die soon because they eat everything that moves and when they go to the bathroom, they make a big splash when they are about to go to the bathroom.

The second girl said that her father has a car now and they are driving to my brother’s country now, but they would like to go to their brother’s country soon and that they still have three tickets to their brother’s country, but they are not going to my brother’s country now, but to visit us now.

The first girl said that if they come now, there will be food for them in our house, but if they stay, they will be poor forever and they would die of hunger if they come now.

She said that her father is very old now, but she said that she would see my brother once, even if it is once I die of hunger.

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