Angeles City Nightlife

Angeles City Nightlife

Angeles City Nightlife, Philippines

Angeles City is the hub of restaurants, bars, shopping centers, theme parks, entertainment venues, museums, and various other places of tourist attraction. The prices of tickets and package holidays to this city are as credible as its nightlife and is always at its best.

Angeles City Nightlife

It is a place that can mesmerize you with its variety of options. This city offers a lot of things to do in different rates. The city offers everything you can think of as entertainment. A day pass to this place can easily cost several millions of pesos. This city is full of life, from food to art and from movie theatres to clubs and bars. Some of the major destinations of this place are

This place is one of the major attractions of this place. It is one of the world’s largest fast food restaurant. It offers the world’s cheapest meal.

Celebrate the birthday of the Philippine great. This festival is open to the public. You may join the event only if you have valid ID and have paid a fee of 100 pesos. This festival is held every year, then you join the event.

This place is one of the biggest restaurants of the world. It offers all the foods and drinks you can imagine. You can enjoy delicious cuisines from all over the world. All the foods and drinks are made from local specialties and products. This place has a lot of local fans and people who love it because of its fine cuisine and fast pace of life.

This place is best for people who love to drink. This place is full of music and music is in everyone’s heart. There are more than 450 licensed bars and nightclubs in the city. Here, you can enjoy different kind of music.

* Globe Bar – This place has a beautiful rooftop garden

This place is for those who love to party all night long. This place is in the heart of the city. It is in a place where you can enjoy all kinds of music and dance.

Globe Bar is a small bar from the bottom of the city. It is the first place to have drinks with outdoor terrace and outdoor garden. This place has live music and food. Globe Bar is best to make your night exciting and lively.

These are the main reasons why people love this place. Globe Bar is best place to have live music and live performance in which you can see the traditional Ballet and Modern Dance. The bar also features this year’s events which is hosted by this place.

This place hosts and hosts the 3 main annual events. These are the Philippine Independence Day, which is held on 5 November; World Ballet Yearly Competition and the Asia Pacific Ballet Congress.

This place is in the heart of the city which makes it the ideal place for businesses and offices. This place has a lot of beautiful architecture. They have the famous Clock Tower, the St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Baguio Center and the Mall of Asia.

The place has a great range of entertainment. There are several licensed bars and nightclubs in the place. They also offer a wide range of food and drinks. Food and drinks are made from ingredients from all over the Philippines.

Globe Bar and Grill Map of Globe Bar and Grill

Address: Globe Bar and Grill

Opening hours:

Tue, Thu: 3pm-12am

Fri: 12pm- 1am

Sat: 12pm- 2am

Sun: 12pm-10pm

Food and Drinks:

Food served:

BBQ (BBQ Grill), drinks (Bottle Rock), pizza, spaghetti, chips and salsa, soft-serve ice cream, malbec wine

What to expect:

The Globe Bar and Grill is a very modern-looking place. It was the first to open here in the whole Philippines. This place is very popular and has become the standard for watching the live events. The Globe Bar and Grill is a combination of a bar, nightclub and performance hall. The place is also the home for the Philippines’ National High School Dance Competition.

Tibiano Tango Lounge

Address: Ortigas Center building 99

Opening hours:

Mon, Wed & Fri: 1am-2am

Tue, Thu: 2am-3am

There is also a very famous place called the Tango Lounge which is considered as the home of the Filipino Youth Tango. This place is a hangout for the youth of the country. This lounge is always full of young people enjoying the best live tango shows. This place is one of the best haunts for the youth and they can choose to watch the dance competitions, music shows, karaoke and many more.


There are various hotels available in the Philippines. Here I will cover the 3 hotels that offer the best accommodations.

Merlion Hotel is located in the metro Manila. This is one of the best hotels in the country and a new addition to the market. The Merlion Hotel is managed by the Merlion Hotel Corporation which is a company that has its headquarters in Manila. The hotel provides excellent services that are superior to the rest. In their amenities they offer a spa, airconditioned halls, indoor pools and facilities for their guests.

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